Rank does not confer privilege or give power.
It imposes responsibility.

Peter Drucker

Interim Management

We support our clients within their operational processes by occupying vacant manager positions to ensure business continuity.

We take on operational responsibility on different organization levels and realize it trustworthy and reliably in the companies interests.


4executives Interim Management competences cover emerging management gaps in operational delivery.


Our services are focused on senior positions within the Financial Services Industry. Our expertise covers Risk (CRO), Finance (CFO), Operations (COO) and Information Technology (CIO).

As interim managers, we undertake operational senior management responsibility on different levels of an organization. We stand for trustable and reliable temporary conduct, covering gaps in management positions or occupying turnaround management functions.


In practice we provide expertise in the following topics:

  • Role based Interim Management provides flexibility appointing to senior business and function leadership roles
  • Turnaround Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Working with the investors
  • Achieving rapid operational and commercial change


*** COO of a foreign subsidiary of a large Swiss Asset Managment Company



Werner Vontobel