Only three things happen naturally in organisations:
friction, confusion and underperformance.
Everything else requires leadership!

Peter Drucker

Data protection

Forms (contact, enquries, offers, survey, etc.)
Data transmitted to us through the contact forms will be used by us in-house and solely for the intended purpose. The data will be handled confidentially and not passed on or sold to third parties.
Participation in surveys or competitions is voluntary. The results of surveys will be used for internal purposes; they will not be transferred to unauthorised third parties.

Security measures
We save the data that we generate on well-protected servers in our security zone. Only a limited number of authorised people responsible for the technical, clerical or editorial management of this data have access to the servers.

In order to prevent loss or misuse of the data saved on our premises, we take extensive technical and operational security precautions that are regularly checked and adjusted in line with technological developments. However, due to structure of the internet, it is possible that data protection regulations could be misused by other people and institutions not in our area of responsibility. In particular, unencrypted data containing prices (e.g. by e-mail) could be read by third parties. Due to the technical properties of the internet, we have no influence over this. It is the sole responsibility of the user to protect the data against misuse through encryption or by other means.

E-mails are passed on in the internet over many different servers and there are many possibilities to gain access to this information, change it, delete it, copy it or amend, etc. without permission. You can communicate with us by phone, fax or letter.

External links
By using links to external websites, you leave our internet service. We are not responsible for the data protection regulations of external websites linked to us. We also reject any content and legal responsibility for the websites of third parties and their links.
If you come across an invalid link, please send us an e-mail.
We hereby expressly declare that we have no influence whatsoever over the design and content of linked pages. Thus, we hereby distance ourselves completely from all content of all linked pages to 4executives and we do not claim to own such content. This policy applies to all links displayed on 4executives and to all content of the pages to which these links lead, regardless of whether it is text or banner links.

Tracking access
By visiting our website, the following data from your computer will be transferred to our web server:

  • date and time of visit
  • requested pages and documents
  • IP address of your computer
  • information about your browser and your operating system
  • previously visited pages

This data will be saved in the log folders to allow statistical analysis of the use of the website, and to continuously improve our online service. It is not possible to obtain a personalised analysis of this data as it is only generalised usage data. We ensure that usage data is not combined with personal data. No person-related analysis takes place.


Cookies and session IDs are generated to record the uniqueness of a visitor. These data elements are of a technical nature and are impersonal You can configure your browser in such a way that you are informed each time a Cookie is generated. Then you can decide whether you wish to accept or decline the Cookie. However, non-acceptance of a Cookie may mean that certain functions on our internet page can no longer be used.

Emails are generally transmitted unencrypted and contain the risk that this data could theoretically be intercepted by third parties and viewed.